What are Living Walls?

What are Living Walls? Living walls or green walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building. They differ from green façades (e.g. ivy walls) in that the plants root in a structural support which is fastened to the wall itself. The plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead of from the ground.

Diversity is the key and by utilizing hundreds of different types of plants we create striking patterns and unique designs. We achieve this by utilizing the multitude of colours, textures and sizes that nature provides. Our system accommodates flowering perennials, beautiful foliage plants, ground covers and even allows for bushes, shrubs, and small trees!

Living walls are also referred to as green walls, vertical gardens or in French, mur végétal. The French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc was a pioneer by creating the first vertical garden over 30 years ago.

Our system consists of a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system, special materials, lights when needed and of course plants. The frame is built in front of a pre existing wall and attached at various points; there is no damage done to the building. Waterproof panels are mounted to the frame; these are rigid and provide structural support. There is a layer of air between the building and the panels which enables the building to ‘breathe’. This adds beneficial insulating properties and acts like rain-screening to protect the building envelop.

What are Living Walls?
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