What Are Living Walls?

Living Walls, also known as Live Walls or Green Walls, are beautifully designed, self-contained modular systems of plants and/or mosses that are seamlessly incorporated into the walls of your office or home.

They are both aesthetically pleasing and promote healthy environments in every space where they are installed.

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Why our living walls?

Simply said, compared to our competitors, our Walls are the least expensive, fastest to install and maintain, and have an overall positive effect on the people and environments they are in.

When Choosing a Living Wall installer, there are a few important things to consider:

How long will it take?

From design to completion, our Living Walls take approximately 3 to 6 weeks to fully install in your chosen space. Installation alone usually takes less than a day! Overall, our complete process is often 2 to 3 times faster than our competitors since we require no electricity, pumps, drainage, nor any water lines from our clients.
How long will it take?

Where can you put a Living Wall?

Our Green Walls are able to be installed on any indoor wall surfaces. This makes the possibilities endless! If you have a wall, we can make it a Living Wall.
Where can you put a Living Wall?

How intrusive are Living Walls to the walls of my home or office?

Because our Living Walls do not require the use of electricity, waterlines, drainage or pumps, we do not need to alter the structural integrity of your walls or make intrusive electrical/waterline connections. Our self-contained systems are attached to your wall as easily as hanging a well-mounted picture.
Why our Living Walls

How much does it cost?

To design and install a Living Wall that maximizes the health benefits and environmental impact on your home or business, expect approximately $175–$220 per square foot. That’s about 50% less than our competitors. For a FREE quotation, please contact us.

How do I maintain my Living Walls?

You don’t! We’ll take care of it for you with our guaranteed maintenance programs. You simply get to enjoy your new Green Walls at all times.

Where are your installation and services areas?

We can install a Living Wall anywhere in Canada and the USA.
Where are your installation and services areas?

Are they Carbon Positive or Carbon Negative?

Our Living Walls are carbon positive because they promote a healthier environment and by removing additional toxins from the atmosphere they give back to the environment more then they take to maintain.

We’re able to do this because we don’t require the use of electricity, waterlines, drainage or pumps—all of which produce carbon negative results—so no energy is required to keep your walls looking their best at all times.

Are Living Walls edible?

Unfortunately not. Living Walls are made up of diverse tropical plants and preserved mosses that have a positive effect on the environment, and are not chosen for human or animal consumption.

See more features and healthy benefits of our Living Walls.

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