Interest Free Living Walls For Everyone!

That's right. Zip. $0. Zilch. We will design, build, and install your Living Wall INTEREST FREE on a MINIMUM two-year contract with only first and last payment required upfront.

We believe that everyone should experience the added health benefits from the installation of a Living Wall in their business environments.

Because of Covid-19 these are crazy times we are living in and you are doing everything you need to do to keep your staff and business safe during this pandemic. We created this innovative program to help you promote your indoor environment as a healthy and safe space for staff and clients alike. Most visitors to your building do not see the efforts you are making to keep your space safe and with our living wall products you can now promote your organization as a safe and healthy environment for all.

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To make the biggest visual and environmental impact, we suggest you consider a starting budget of at least $500+. How would you best describe your budget?*
Thank you for inquiring with us. We find that a budget of less than $500 makes it challenging for us to create your Living Walls in the best way they can be. Please consider a larger budget for the most impact.

The fine print: Living Wall installation is provided Interest Free for 24 months on a minimum two year contract. Please contact us for more details

Contact us for a FREE quote to get a Living Wall in your home or business today!

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