Living Wall Concepts Health Benefits 

A living wall offers numerous benefits at economic, ecological, and societal level. A living wall helps to purify the air, to reduce the ambient temperature, to regulate the temperature and promotes biodiversity indoors. Living Walls are part of climate-proof construction. What is more, people are happier in a green environment than in grey surroundings. Below we explain the benefits one by one.

Purifies the air

The plants in a living wall filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen. 1 m2 of living wall extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 per annum from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen. With a Living Wall Concept system you contribute to air purification.

Reduces the ambient temperature

Plants absorb sunlight, 50% is absorbed and 30% reflected; so this helps to create a cooler and more pleasant climate. For the indoor climate this means that 33% less air conditioning is required, which in turn means energy savings.

Reduces ambient noise inside

A living wall acts as a sound barrier to your building. It absorbs 41% more sound than a traditional facade and this means that the environment is much quieter, both inside and outside your building. This results in a reduction of 8 dB, which means that ambient noise is halved.

Healthy indoor climate

Greenery promotes a healthy indoor climate. Complaints such as irritated eyes, headaches, sore throats, and tiredness diminish. In offices where there is plenty of greenery, there is a noticeable decrease in absence due to illness.

Increases productivity

A green workplace can result in a 25% increase in productivity. Plants have a positive effect on people. This is also reflected in employee satisfaction.

Offers healing environment

Greenery encourages faster recovery for patients, resulting in a shorter hospital stay. A person’s tolerance of pain is higher in a green environment. This is also known as a ‘healing environment’.

Increases the feeling of well-being

Living and working in a green environment has a positive effect on the well-being of people. Greenery offers relaxation and reduces stress.

Creates fire-resistant layer

Plants naturally contain a lot of moisture. With a living wall you create a natural fire-resistant inside your house or office building. In addition, the Living Wall Concepts system is the only one in the market that requires no power, no pumps, no drainage, and water lines from our clients.

Adds value to the building

The natural and sustainable appearance, combined with a reduction in energy costs, means an increase in value of your property.


Using our soil based patented Carbon Positive system you can achieve a direct-green result. On delivery, the facade boasts 100% coverage, so you can reap the benefits immediately.

No concerns about maintenance

Thanks to our guaranteed maintenance program you have no need to worry about maintaining your living wall. We take care of the plants for you and ensure that these are lush and green all year round. Any plant that needs replacing under our watch will be replaced at no charge to our clients.