That's right. Zip. $0. Zilch. We will design, build, and install your Living Wall for FREE on a two-year maintenance program.

We believe that everyone should experience the added health benefits from the installation of a Living Wall in their business environments.

Because of Covid-19 these are crazy times we are living in and you are doing everything you need to do to keep your staff and business safe during this pandemic. We created this innovative program to help you promote your indoor environment as a healthy and safe space for staff and clients alike. Most visitors to your building do not see the efforts you are making to keep your space safe and with our living wall products you can now promote your organization as a safe and healthy environment for all.

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Business Owners Go Green

There is no better way to brand your company as being “Green” than with a beautiful Carbon Positive Living Wall. Living Wall Concepts has a patent pending system both in Canada and the USA to ensure we can provide the highest-quality Green Wall designs. Our team of experts will work with you from the design phase through the installation to ensure your specific business needs are met.

Upgrade Your Space

Our Green Walls are at the cutting edge of design and can be installed on any indoor surface of any size or shape. They make a dramatic statement and create a welcoming environment for employees, clients, and visitors. Additionally, according to studies, a Living Wall can increase property values of commercial buildings and will also remove air pollutants from the environment.

Natural Clean Air

Many volatile organic compounds, which are considered chemical contaminants like CFC’s from printers and other office devices, can cause acute effects on the occupants of a building. Bacteria, molds, and viruses are types of biological contaminants and can all cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). In addition, pollution from outdoors such as motor vehicle exhaust and general air pollution can contribute to SBS. Our Living Walls help counteract this by acting as a type of “Filter” to catch these impurities and clean the air in the location of our walls, leaving clients and employees a healthier work environment.

Carbon Positive living Walls

All our Living Walls are custom built for each client and our soil-based system does not require any power, pumps, water, or drainage from our clients. Our system is a true 100% environmentally friendly product that is as a Carbon Positive product. We are the manufacturer and use as much recycled material as possible from the frames to our patented containers. Our maintenance techs use mobile pressure barrels that will hook into the existing irrigation lines to pressurize the system accordingly to water each Living Wall.

Under Our Care

Living Wall Concepts Ltd. guarantees weekly plant maintenance by fully trained and dependable plant technicians. In the event that a plant may fail to retain a healthy state due to the fault of our maintenance, it will promptly be replaced at no charge (aging of plants is excluded). Your clients will be consistently delighted by your Living Wall that is filled with lush and thriving plant life due to the combination of professionally trained care by our technicians.

The fine print: Living Wall installation is provided free of charge of any size square foot. You only pay for maintenance starting at $8 per square foot monthly to maintain plus HST on a minimum two year contract. As a pricing example, a 10 x 10 square foot wall would cost approx. $800 per month to maintain, plus applicable taxes.